Friday, February 29, 2008


Vegangelicals. WTF is that?

Well Vegan Bits posted what is quite possibly the best post on the subject.

Every movement has those that want to steam power you into their way of thinking. I always think this type of person needs to have others agree with them as their value stems more from others than from within. Vegangelicals are the fanatical vegans that try to make everyone feel horrible about themselves if they do not behave/think/eat like them. They are Brownshirts whose only goal in life seems to be "making the trains run on time".

I was completely unaware of this term, but not the type, until the NY Times published an article 2 weeks ago, I Love You, but You eat Meat. The Urban Vegan was quoted using it saying, “I’m not a vegangelical. He’s an adult and I respect his choices just as he respects mine, ” describing how she is able to live with and love an omnivore. I feel in love with it immediately. She recently posted another great bit on her blog about how her using the term has caused a small uproar from other vegans. She rightly puts them in their place.

If you could not guess from this post so far, I am vegan, have been now for over 17 years. But about 7 years ago I stopped ever referring to myself as vegan as I was utterly sick of the associations people were making with me, comparing me to some holier-than-thou vegan they had met that immediately soured their opinion on the concept entirely. So, as I am less than fanatical, I have been a vegetarian that does not eat any animal products ever since.

My goal is to consume what my values afford me, and let everyone else do the same. Would I mind if someone felt my values were great and wanted to join up and follow them, hell no. But preaching and/or demanding that others follow my way of thinking is about as appealing ever going back to eating meat; thus, the Vegan Bits piece made me extremely happy as they put many of my feelings on the subject into words. Words I have been far too lazy to ever type out. The idea that anyone can change anyones mind through intimidation has always seemed silly to me. Actions are emulated, force and intimidation only begets resistance.

Live they way your body/mind tells you to and let others do the same.

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