Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To Further my point on Juno

Not sure what it says about me but, the biggest single google search driver to my blog is "clothes from juno". It is responsible for more the 50% of my traffic. In other words, people are digging them on the character and her clothing choices. My guess is they would like to emulate her.

And once again I get angry once again about the lack of options presented in the film. As I mentioned previously, "Juno is an easy character to idolize. She is written in a way that many people wish they were." And the traffic here while not proving this, does seem to suggest there is something to this line of thinking.

My only hope is that those people hoping to emulate Juno, go above and beyond the films creators and open their mind to the options of birth control and see a healthier version of family life than the ideal presented within the film.

So dress like her, aspire to talk like her, but lord knows do not fuck like her. Birth control is your friend!

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