Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Music I am realy digging right now

This is my absolute favorite song of Brisa Roché's new album Takes

She is clearly one of the best new artists of recent vintage, though would it kill her to sing in French again? I have no idea why this album has not been released in the states yet. It easily could drive one insane to try and figure out the music industry...

Sometime in late 06 I 1st heard Yelle and was instantly smitten. Who was this amazingly fabulous Frenchie?

Her first album, Pop Up was released last year and while this song has been in constant rotation for me ever since. I just found out she played a few show in NYC last week, and I am so amazingly bummed I had no idea and missed them. She = teh awesome for sure.

This is sort of like when I feel way to in love with that Baby Spice cover. I mean I know I should not fall so madly in love with such cavity inducing pop, but I just can not help it. This song, and much of her new album is fantastic.

Lizzy Ling has no real website, so here is her myspace page. She is tops, as she weaves a touch of Ye-Ye with a more electronica sound. Not enough people know about her.

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