Sunday, February 24, 2008

Like that Twilight Zone where Elliot Gould stops being able to read...

I am at an amazing loss about what the hell Amazon just recommended me. But, they thought it was so important to email me this.

I have so many questions about this one. So here goes (and really, you should check out that link first, well maybe not as I am sure you will be lost either way):

1. So is this a "Individual Use DVD Copy*" so that one will not become addicted to it through over use?

2. I guess shopping addiction will only be covered after further purchases are made: "It is strongly suggested that this be used with the Self-Esteem and Goal Setting track, so for those that own the SEGS track already, this is the appropriate purchase for addictions. If the SEGS is not owned, we would suggest either the combination of SEGS and Addictions or the Addictions (Comprehensive) title."

3. WTbloodyF does SEGS even suggest? Yes, I assume that it refers to "Self-Esteem and Goal Setting", but how does one own a SEGS? I can see it now: "Mannnnnn, I soooooo own my goal setting ability. No one can take that away from me...." Why do those wonderful self help meeting scenes from Fight Club keep popping up in my mind?

4. I sure hope this comes with its own RFID tag, as "it is illegal to loan this material to others".

The wankery of this product makes my head spin in perma-revolution.

And the biggest and best question I have for Amazon: WTF did I buy at one point in time that suggests this might be appropriate for me? I mean was it all the kids books from when I was a teacher, the graphic novels I have purchased over the years, or was it that I spent awhile combing through the rice cooker options a week or so back?

According to the email I once upon a time rated a movie, Foxes and therefore I obviously am a prime target for such dependency that I need to look to self help DVDs. The head boggles in ways I have previously found unimaginable....

As for the Foxes, it was a pretty good movie, or at least I thought so when I saw it 15 or so years ago. But be careful, the enjoyment of this film could label you an adict.

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