Sunday, July 27, 2008

What the Hell is the Purpose of this Blog???

So, I used to write on this here blog pretty frequently. Then in March of this past year I nearly died of the flu, right after I caught the chicken pox - no this is not a joke, it was a really bad month.... I am sure I have a good story in all of it, but that is not for telling now. Now is for figuring out what the hell I should be doing in this space and others online.

As I embraced my mortality these past few months I have really had to reassess my life and all that there is to it. And now it is finally this blog's time to get assessment. I started it to look at all forms of popular culture, but mainly comic books. At least that was the idea. But really it lacked focus and became fairly unmanageable quite quickly. And in my new worldview, that just will not work.

So from here on out, this blog will mainly be a space for things that I want to say, expect more of essays like The Knowing Wink of Nostalgia and Annihilating Melancholia and the odd rant or even rarer show of love for something.

This however does not mean that I am giving up talking about comics. I am just doing so over at a new space called Trade Waiting where I will review TPBs and Graphic Novels and discuss any and concerns about comics. Just no floppies! See the first post for more info.

And I will also be highlighting other blogs and web finds on my tumblr-esque google reader "not quite a blog" blog.

And of course there is my Twitter account for keeping up with my daily missives, if you are interested.

And let me be the first to say that this hardly seems like I am streamlining my life, which is something that I really aim to do. But this really helps me compartmentalize and focus on things and hopefully be more productive. But if all this seems a bit much for you, there is the all purpose clearing house friendfeed, where all the above will be collected.

Of course this all assumes that people will want to follow me, but you are reading this far so.... But also feel free to detach yourself from any or all this, it really is just to record a lot of my thoughts etc. Mainly these writings are for me, but this is often where one can find out those things I normally keep bundled and sealed away from normal human consumption.

So feel free to add any or all of these to your RSS readers or follow along when ever you feel like it. And I really hope that it will be, even though it might not look like it, more efficient and focused.

As for how often one can expect updates, well there is no definitive measure but here are some good assumptions:

Tales From the Mutliverse: One, maybe two times a week
Trade Waiting: Two or Three times a week for reviews, plus any other comments on the comic book world.
"not quite a blog": A few times daily
Twitter: Usually at least daily, though sometimes life takes over
friendfeed: As often as all the above are updated

And yes, updates are a coming at all the above, this is not just a shallow ruse....

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