Monday, January 21, 2008

Is Disco Trek Dead?

So they released the new Star Trek preview today.

All I have to say is this movie looks more and more like a bad idea all the time. JFK and Spock talking over the creation of The Enterprise. Wow, how original. Someone using JFK's magnificent oratory on space exploration to give us goosebumps... And really, how far into the future is Star Trek, in their world, no other president or leader has much to say about space travel, even though the cost to fund building Starfleet must have instilled much more rhetoric. But no, just like this franchise fans are constantly looking backwards so are its creators.

And just why does the ship building yard look so much like the set of blade runner, are the new de-aged Enterprise crew replicants?

How hard is it to let things die and remain so? I guess not nearly as hard to create new stories and mythologies. They might as well market this film in the same vein they used to market Oldsmobiles, "This is not your father's Star Trek." It worked so well for Oldmobiles....

So here is to hoping this film floppity flop flops, and the door to nostalgic space travel will close and new ideas can burst forth from elsewhere.

The well is dry, time to drill for water elsewhere.

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