Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Free the Music

I love I have been a user for years. In a time that I felt so many musical options were being closed off to me, it has opened me up to some of my favorite artists. I sort of fell back in love with music through, after slipping into a rut of not noticing new artists or pretty much caring.

So to say that today's announcement made me ecstatic would be a slight misnomer. I am pleased in ways I am having a hard time even conveying. No more 30 second clips to figure out if I want to invest in an artist. This pleases me soooooo much.

The music industry might not die as quick a death if they continue down this path and let the people hear the music they want. Now if only more artists would upload their tracks to

Here are some artists that I discovered though

Nouvelle Vague
France Gall
Keren Ann
Emilie Simon
Lee Hazlewood
Mareva Galanter
Brisa Roche
Sibylle Baier
Lady & Bird
Televangelist & The Architect

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan
Carla Bruni

And those are only the ones in my top 50 artists list. So go over there and check them out if you have not used the site before. Be careful, the use of that site will cause you to buy more albums/songs than you planned, but it will so be worth it, I promise.

And some people say i am never happy........

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