Saturday, May 12, 2007

some songs that are really getting me going right now

I have been lax in showcasing any music. That needs to change. So here are 5 songs that really burrowed under my skin and decided to stay. I like each one very, very much.

Brisa Roche - Mystery Man

She has a new album coming out soon. I eagerly await it.

Laura Veirs - Cast a Hook in Me

From the new album Saltbreakers. I really like the way this album sparkles with references of nature. And the video is quite fun as well.

Vincent Delerm - Sous les Avalanches

I know next to nothing about this french signer, but this is my song of the summer for me. The viedo is quite a bit much though, just listen.

Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle - Sing Sing

Is this a cover? I really like this one. It puts me in the mood to walk through the city, no destination in mind, just enjoying.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Songs that we Sing

From one of my favorite albums from last year, that only just hit stateside.

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