Sunday, May 6, 2007

andreyko's manhunter

So a month ago or so Marc Andreyko sent me the 1st two TPB Volumes of Manhunter. I had not jumped on the bandwagon for this comic, as i was never a fan of the earlier Manhunter versions. But upon yet another stay of execution from DC (For as good as the book is - a huge welcome surprise for me, it does not sell as they say: well. It constantly rests near the bottom of DC's books each month.), and Marc lighting a fire under my ass with his gracious gift, I will now be a regular Manhunter reader.

So I plan to read the TPBs again and the rest of the series and give them a fair critical assessment. So for the next 30 days (only 30 issues out till it restarts in Aug, I believe) or so I will write about Kate Spencer, her supporting cast, and the like. This will likely give my much opportunity to peer into the many issues of the current comic world and DC in particular (there will likely be some tough love handed out). My take on issue number one should be up later this eve.

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