Wednesday, May 9, 2007

if you are interested....

this will be all about me:

[1] Are you in a complicated relationship?
Every relationship I have is complicated.
Still looking for my Zelda Fitzgerald though....

[2] Do you hate more than 3 people?
I would put that number closer to 300k

[3] How many houses/apts have you lived in?

[4] Favorite candy bar?
Sweet tooths are for commoners
Give me curry, or give me death

[5] What are you currently listening to?
"Off the Couch" - The Blacks

[6] Have you ever tripped someone?
In elementary school I was on crutches more than any human should. And if you are on crutches you have to get all the benefits...

[7] Least favorite school subject?
In school it was science, but I have sense found it fascinating. Bad teachers = the worst.

[8] How many pairs of shoes do you own?

[9] Do you own a Britney Spears CD?

[10] Have you ever thrown up in public?
Holding my head in shame, yes.

[11] Name one thing that is always on your mind:
"Where did this come from..."
I am fascinated by the origins of things and the political economy around their production

[12] Favorite genre of music?
Currently, French pop

[13] What is your zodiac sign?

[14] What time were you born?
5:45ish int he morning

[15] Do you like beer?
Craft beer is the best.

[16] Have you made a prank phone call?
I was kid growing up in suburban Tejas, what do you think.

[17] What is the most embarrassing CD you own?
Other people give me shit for it, but I love my Carpenters box set.

[18] Are you sarcastic?

[19] What are your favorite color(s)?
Blue and green

[20] How many watches do you own?
I might still have one, I don't know.

[21] Summer or winter?

[22] Is anyone in love with you?

[23] Favorite color to wear?
A blue based plaid

[24] Pepsi or Sprite:
H2O, soda is of the devil.

[25] Ever been out of the country?

[26] Where is your second home?
The bar.

[27] Have you ever slapped someone?

[28] How many states have you been in?

[29] How many lamps are in your bedroom?

[30] How many video games do you own?

[31] What was your first pet?
I had a dog named Charlie when I was an infant, who guarded me like I was Ft. Knox. But the 1st pet where we chose each other was my lovely cat, Puff.

[32] Ever had braces?
For 11+ years. I had, and still do, have fucked up teeth.

[33] Do looks matter?
Often, but not always.

[34] Do you use chapstick?
Only when needed.

[35] What was your favorite class in high school?

[36] American Eagle or Abercrombie?
I am far more of a Goodwill/Thrift store person

[37] Are you too forgiving?
That would be a no.

[38] How many children do you want?

[39] Do you own anything from Hot Topic?
Is that a beach shop?
but no.

[40] Favorite breakfast meal?
Scrambled tofu.

[41] Do you own a gun?
I will take the 5th.

[42] Ever thought you were in love?

[43] Have you ever smoked weed?
Who the hell has not?

[44] What did you do 3 nights ago?
Spent evening at a bar for the release of an indie rock cookbook

[45] Been to the Olive Garden?

[46] Have you ever called your teacher mom?

[47] Have you ever been in a castle?

[48] Nicknames?
At least 300, but I will answer to anything.

[49] Do you know anyone named Bertha?

[50] Ever been to Kentucky?

[51] Do you own something from Banana Republic?
I was just given a shirt from there.

[52] Are you thinking about somebody right now?

[53] Ever call somebody Boo?

[54] How many people have you kissed?
If i was nine I would have quite a bit easier time answering this.

[55] Do you own a diamond ring?

[56] Are you happy with your life right now?
I have never been happy with my life.

[57] Do you like your hair?
Seriously, I wish i was bald.

[58] Does anyone have a crush on you?

[59] Any siblings?
A half brother.

[60] What were you doing in May of 1994?
Finishing my 2nd year of college.

[61] Do you own a Backstreet Boys Cd?

[62] McDonalds or Wendys?
Bullet to the head would be better...

[63] Do you like yourself?

[64] Are you closer to your mother or father?
Not so much.

[65] Favorite physical feature of the preferred sex?
Hip bones and shoulder blades

[66] Are you afraid of the dark?

[67] Have you ever eaten paste?

[68] Do you own a webcam?

[69] Have you ever stripped?

[70] Ever broke a bone?
Way too many times.

[71] Are you religious?
That is a big no.

[72] Do you chat on AIM often?

[73] Pringles or Lays?
Not so much...

[74] Have you ever broken someone's heart?

[75] Full House or The Brady Bunch?
I have never seen an entire episode of either.

[76] Own an ipod, mp3 player, cd player?
Everything but an ipod.

[77] Did you like your high school guidance counselor?
I have no memory of this person, good or bad.

[78] Has anyone ever called you a tease?

[79] Do you have a birth mark?
A small spot on my right kneee.

[80] Do you own a car?
No, I ride the subway.

[81] Can you cook?
Better than most.

[82] 3 things that annoy you:
Hipsters, children, restaurants with no vegetarian options.

[83] Do you text message often?

[84] Money or love?
Enough of both to get by.

[85] Do you have any scars?
Where to begin...

[86] What do you want more than anything?
To be 55.

[87] Do you enjoy scary movies?

[88] Relationships or one night stands?

[89] Big Red or Juicy Fruit?:

[90] Do you enjoy greasy food?
No really.

[91] Have you seen all the Rocky movies?

[92] Do you own a box of crayons?

[93] Ever had sex in a public place?

[94] Who was the last person that said "I love you" to you?

[96] Who was the last person that made you cry?
My mother.

[97] When was the last time you laughed?
More than likely Saturday.

[98] Who was the last person that texted you?

[99] Who was the last person that called you?

[100] When was your last kiss?
Over a week ago.

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