Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An Ode to "It's the Economy Stupid"

Lloyd Bentson would have ran for president in 92 if he thought he had a chance. He was the Democrats' rightful heir to the thrown being Dukakis's running mate. But before the primaries began he saw no chance of stemming the tide of Bush the first's popularity. So out of nowhere an amazingly flawed Clinton came in and beat the incumbent on critiquing the economy, reminding America that their wallets simply could not grow money.

I bring this up now because I am amazed at how just a simple pick of a under qualified running mate has taken this exact critique off the table. The Democrat operatives seem to smell blood and are attacking. Only they are attacking way off message. The economy and the war are the problems that they can provide solutions for. Framing the discussion around the fact that our country can not survive four more years of the same is the only way the Democrats can win.Palin is just a symptom, like an awful cough that one gets with a cold. One can take all the lozenges they want, the cough will not go away till the cold is beat.

The current fascination with striping Palin of her dignity by attacking her family is not going to have the wanted effect. Many are calling her an anti feminist due to her beliefs on abortion and reproductive rights. Only they fail to see a powerful woman who has balanced family and work in a pretty effective way. Attacking her family will turn off people that see her balancing act as something to strive for and could care less about the abortion issue. And yes, there are people out there who do not live and die on the abortion battlefield.

I mean there are tons of direct things one can attack Palin about without bringing in her family, which, by the way, when the Republicans do they are vilified. But this is not even the issue. The issues are jobs, health care, safe neighborhoods, and the war. The full frontal attack on Palin has shifted the troops on the battlefield away from the winning barrage of a well armed militia to opportunists who are throwing dirt clumps and rocks.

I predict that with her speech tonight, Palin will become a light that help guides the campaign, not derail it. She was a news anchor for god sake, she knows how to play to TV. And this incessant attacking of her and her family will seem more vindictive than rational - to the swing voters at least. I dare say, not a winning combo...

And the heart of the election will have been derailed for at least a week.

Good job!

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Misha said...

You are so right. The personal attacks are doing the Dems no favors. I, for one, will be way relieved when the RNC hoopla is over.